Tuesday, December 16, 2003

If it sounds too good to be true...

My friend Marc recently forwarded me one of those email scams where supposedly Bill Gates and Microsoft are testing some new email tracking system, and would pay big bucks if you forward the email to 10 of your friends. There are a ton of these that have appeared in recent years, so when I gently informed him not to expect a check from Big Bill anytime soon, he joked that he was planning to use the money to buy some hot new swampland he had heard about.

He must have been talking about this.

But wait, Marc!! There's more!!

I can get you great deals on the following:
The Moon! (1 acre)
Venus! (1 acre)
Mars! (1 acre)
Scotland! (1 square inch)
Maine! (1 square inch)
Texas! (1 square foot)
The Ocean Floor! (1 square inch)
Australia! (1 square inch)
An English haunted house! (1 square foot)

Still trying to get you a bridge in Brooklyn, but I'll keep looking...

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