Monday, December 20, 2004


Earlier this summer, I posted on the OEDILF: The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form, whose goal is to rewrite the Oxford English Dictionary by defining every word in the English language in the form of reader-submitted limericks.

To wit, this definition of al dente:

I like my potatoes al dente.
To cook them ten minutes is plente,
So they don't turn to mush
Or primordial slush
Like they do when you boil them for twente.

The other week I submitted them as a story idea to NPR, and this past weekend, a producer from NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday emailed OEDILF's Editor-in-Chief Chris J. Stolin (and CC'd me in the email) asking him for an interview. Looks like the NPR story will be a go!

Right now there is a spirited discussion in the Forums on which limericks will be chosen to read during the interview. I have submitted seven limericks thusfar, all with a current status of "Tentative", and none clever enough to make the grade... Still, if this NPR story boosts interest in them, it's kinda cool to know I helped in some way.

Congrats and good luck, OEDILF!

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