Thursday, December 08, 2005

How do you spell relief?

You may remember the commercials claiming that Rolaids absorbs "47 times its weight in excess acid!"

Perhaps the artist given LSD and then asked to draw could have used some of that in this 1950's US goverment experiment in the effects of hallucinogens...

Speaking of artists, Louis Wain was an artist who specialized in whimsical paintings of cats and dogs dressed in human clothes, performing human activities (recall the famous Dogs Playing Poker painting and you're pretty close to what Wain did).

However, Louis Wain suffered late onset schizophrenia in 1917 at the age of 57. He continued to draw cats, but the images became more and more disconnected from reality. A fascinating look at how his artwork changed as he fell victim to his illness.

Speaking of Dogs Playing Poker, Wikipedia has the lowdown.

And finally, speaking of 47 (remember? up at the top of this post?), someone has sure been seeing the number 47 everywhere these days...

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