Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is low, even for you

Simpsons fans know full well that Montgomery Burns' is very, very old (104+?) and very, very powerful (in one episode he is seen entering his Social Security Number of 000-00-0002. An annoyed Burns mutters, "Damn Roosevelt").

Actually, the way it is set up, the lowest possible SSN is 001-01-0001. And President Roosevelt didn't really get it. Find out who got it and why (you'll need to scroll down towards the bottom of the page).

Of course Montgomery Burns is also very, very rich. How rich? Each year Forbes magazine compiles Fictional Fifteen of the top imaginary moneybags, where this year Monty places a very respectable fifth with $8.4 billion, right behind Lex Luthor ($10.1 billion) and just edging out Scrooge McDuck ($8.2 billion).

Sweeping it again this year is The Big Guy, Kris Kringle with a hefty $100 billion tucked under the mattress. It probably helps when you run a sweatshop in one of the world's most inhospitable, inaccessible locations (no walk-offs! no surprise OSHA inspections! no union reps!) with immortal employees (no health care! no retirement pensions!) who actually ask to be paid in wooden horses.

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