Thursday, March 01, 2007

Let's see... there's that really big one... and... that other one way up in the corner there... annnd... Disneyland! Disneyland's a state, right? No?!

Pop quiz, hotshot.

Name all 50 (US) states in less than 10 minutes. I spent the last 2 minutes trying to come up with the last four. I ended up missing one (I'd tell you which one but that would kind of be giving you help when you try it, so...)

Whether you are feeling great because you got all fifty, or whether your head hangs in abject shame because you couldn't get past your home state (you did at least get your home state... right?), this guy would probably kick your butt at this game, since he can say all 50 states in 17 seconds. Wonder how fast he can type... One criticism: though he claims he is going from memory, he should have covered his eyes so it doesn't look so much like he's reading a list.

Same schtick here. A bit slower on the recite, but much cuter doing it. Extra points for not peeking.

I saw this in a TV commercial the other day, though since I can't remember what they were selling, I guess the commercial didn't succeed :-/ Regardless, this baby probably knows more US presidents than you.

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Christopher Nicholson said...

Just noticed you had linked to my video (I rarely check YouTube). I am doing it from memory, I put it up there because I get asked to pull it off in under 17 seconds regularly by friends at parties ("Hey, look what Chris can do") and sometimes (especially when drunk) it takes me more like 18 or 20 seconds (forgetting to breathe first screws it up). I figured I'd document it just in case I needed proof.

Christopher Nicholson said...

Check my videos now, I redid it just for you...