Thursday, September 13, 2007

Design, etc.

To reduce the risk of me losing my privileges as a card-carrying member of The Guy Club, let me first mention this: I can't say that I'd buy much of the stuff for sale on Etsy, (which specializes in selling handmade crafty-type items) but their web site design is not only beautiful and mind-bogglingly inventive, but really fun to explore.

Start out at either Colors (where you can click and match any color off the onscreen palette to a like-colored item in their inventory. Click on the item and the box expands to display a description, price, link to the seller's/artist's home page so you can see more items from just them, etc. You can also click and drag these little windows, resizing them and moving them where you need them. Here's a screengrab I took from some random items. Click the image below to play around in Colors a bit.

Another really nifty way to present newly posted items is their Time Machine, which has a crazy backwards-running clock and a hypnotic never-ending(?) spiral of... well, you just need to check it out. Click the screengrab below or the following link to get to Time Machine.

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Jay Cam said...

the time machine sounds awesome!

Jay Cam said...

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Anonymous said...

Trading blog links?!? Is that code or something?