Thursday, December 20, 2007

World of Wirecraft

The deceptively simple yet fiendishly addictive Vector Runner has you controlling a simple little blue cube with your left and right arrow keys, dodging wire-frame obstacles and picking up powerups. (via Jay Is Games)

Old-skool arcade gamers (such as the author) may flash back to the early 80's when vector games such as Tempest and Battlezone were vying for your quarters. You can still play 'em, in fact, since Atari has them available in a free online format, though it does lose a little something ported to the small screen.

Online Tempest

Online Battlezone

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Blossom said...

Major Havock was one of my favorite games. I'm working on a DHTML game right now that uses black background and colored lines. That's all you need anyway.