Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doors of perception

As if I needed a reason to love dogs... Video of a dog that won't go through a "screenless" screen door. It just doesn't compute for him... Cute. Now if they can just do the same thing to make the mosquitoes stay on the outside with this thing, they may be onto a great invention here! (via Boing Boing)

Speaking of doors, this Star Trekesque door that was featured at NextFest 2006 is interesting because it opens to match the shape of your body.

With few exceptions, car door design has not changed much since the earliest cars in the 19th century. Two hinges on the leading edge and a latch and the trailing edge. How about just making the door disappear?

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Lex10 said...

Walked through the second one, the feet failed to open, and three Asian guys grabbed me to stop me from crashing to the ground.

The future is now.

captnkurt said...

Ha! Maybe doors haven't changed all that much because they, you know, work. And stuff.

I recall reading or hearing (from someone... Wil Wheaton maybe?) about how those "swissshh doors" were a pain in the ass at times. Either they would open unevenly or maybe the camera would show the stagehands pulling them open, which kind of ruins that whole "this is the future!" vibe) Or if you are supposed to have some dramatic exit, you turn to the door and instead of it "automatically" opening, you faceplant right into the door :-p