Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ever since Two Men and a Giant Rubber Band closed down, they haven't seen much competition

This is you, hard at work getting through another day at the Trebuchet Moving Company, moving kind old grandmotherly types into their ramshackle one-wall homes.

No one knows why (or even how) they construct houses with only one wall, or why anyone would want to attempt to live in these domiciles that have structural support with the tensile strength of a used Kleenex. Then again, you work for a company that thinks the most efficient way to move furniture is via a glorified slingshot, so who are you to criticize?

Oh well, it's a living, so they say.

Click once to launch the trebuchet, click again to release the piece of furniture. The closer you land it to your target spot, the more points you score. Play Trebuchet Moving Company.

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1 comment:

Elizabeth McQuern said...

We totally have those cat butt coasters, thanks to my cat-indifferent Cuban brother-in-law.

We had a party last night and everyone who noticed them thought they were hilarious.