Thursday, May 14, 2009

[cue movie trailer voiceover guy] In a land... where Jug was king

What exactly is the deal with Jughead's crowny-looking hat anyways? A well-researched history of the Jughead hat, a/k/a whoopee hats, palookaville caps, devils caps, clubhouse hats, kingpins.

And the next time you watch Jeff Goldblum channel the grizzled genius detective he plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, think back to what must be a proud moment this must be in his storied resume, making his screen debut as "Freak #1" avec Jughead-style cap in the 1974 Charles Bronson classic Death Wish.

You may have heard the term "jug band" before but not really known what a traditional jug band sounded like. Here is Whistler's Jug Band performing "Foldin' Bed" on a 1930 Fox-Movietone newsreel.

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