Friday, September 25, 2009

Poor #101

Rotten Tomatoes has come out with their list of the 100 Worst Movies of the Aughties. Due to my superior taste (or maybe the fact that I don't get out much), I managed to avoid seeing all 100 of these cinematic stinkbombs in the theater, and 99 of them altogether. For some reason, both of my young kids (ages 8 and 6) liked the laugh-free "Zoom" and it wound up making a semi-regular appearance on the DVR.

I feel kind of bad for the people who worked so hard on some of these movies, only to end up on this list. Then again, I think I feel worse for the 101st Worst Movie, whatever it may be. They didn't even get to make it on the list.

Surprisingly, not even in the Top (or Bottom, as it were) 25...

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