Friday, December 31, 2010

Morning Jukebox: Forgotten 80s Edition

I've lined up a couple of fun and bouncy but forgotten videos from a couple of 80s bands.

The first one, "Pop Goes The World", was the only other US chart entry (hitting #20) from the Canadian New Wave band Men Without Hats, though they have seen much more success in their native country. Their most famous video, at least in the USA, would have to be 1983's quirky, goofy "Safety Dance".

"Pop..." is just as hook-y as "Safety Dance" was, featuring Jenny, a cute teeny-bopping guitar-slinging girl, and Johnny (Men Without Hats lead singer Ivan Doroschuk), an Elvis impersonator, a snowman drummer, and a baby keyboardist. Naturally.

The next video is even more shrouded in the mists of One-Hit-Wonderdom, "Whirly-Girl" from the Band OXO, which managed to briefly grace the 1983 pop charts, peaking at #28,before fading from our minds and our TV screens.

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Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about that MWH single. As I watched it, I had to wonder: How much time did he waste by staring at himself in the mirror AND how much acid did he drop. Those bewildered looks are something else. My "Word Verification" word below is "gypit", or what a Dutchie says before tipping at Russ'.