Sunday, February 20, 2011

If the clock is tockin', don't come a-knockin'

Hello, Dali! Nifty melting clock adds just the right surreality to your bookshelf.

This word clock created by Christiaan Postma slowly reveals the time, more or less, as the little matchstick-like magnets(?) move around to spell out the hour. Here is an animation of what the clock would look like throughout the day.

Verbal Clock. If you find the $1000 price tag daunting (you think??), there are step-by-step directions at on how to build your own for the not-so-effing-insane cost of about $44.

Hand-drawn clock. Now, just to manage your expectations, let me make it clear that if you buy this clock YOU DO NOT GET THE GUY IN THE DEAL. The clock face is actually an LCD which displays video of the artist as he painstakingly draws/erases/redraws the time through a 24-hour period.


ReneƩ said...

Funny that you posted this Kurt--I just bought this for my engineer son

captnkurt said...


I thought the link was going to take me to this clock, but yours is way more hardcore. Nice find!