Friday, March 04, 2011

This nostalgia is part of a balanced breakfast

54 Cereals We Loved and Lost

I was never their demographic, so excuse my ignorance, but which Block Kid is the one in the leather jacket holding what seems to be a deep and heartfelt conversation with a flake of cereal?

No funny throwaway line here. Freakies was the Best Cereal in the History of the Universe.

Sure it has magical healing powers, but dammit, E.T., I don't know where that finger's been. You mind taking it out of my cereal bowl?

Upside: Gremlins cereal was a whole grain low-sugar way to start your day, packed with 7 vitamins and nutrients a growing body needs!

Downside: Gremlins flakes turn into evil little monsters once they get wet from the milk.

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Anonymous said...

with the E.T. Cereal it's obvious where that finger's been if you look at the back of the box. Hangin' out with MJ. So it's even more important that he keep it out of your cereal because who knows where MJ's been. Side Note: that may have been the beginning of MJ's magical transformation seeing as he did look a little like E.T. before his death. Too bad E.T. Had to go home before he got the job done.