Friday, June 17, 2011

Soylent Brown Is People!

Is this an actual thing?

Japanese scientists have worked out a way to make a beef substitute out of... wait for it... human excrement. That's poop to you and me, kids.

According to the work being done by scientist Mitsyuki Ikeda, "sewage mud" (gosh, isn't that term so much more appetizing than "feces"?!) contains a large amount of protein, and he has developed a way to extract this protein and form it into a sort of, uh, poopsteak.

The bacteria are killed off by heat during the manufacturing process, soy protein is added to enhance the flavor and red food coloring is added to give the end result a more reassuring pinkish hue.

I have seen a ton of stories on the interwebtubes this afternoon, but I am not entirely convinced that this isn't some kind of massive hoax. All the stories seem to a single report from Yahoo! News. I mean, the scientist's name is Ikeda. I-keeda. As in "I kid"? Hmmm....

Here's the video and the link to the original Yahoo! story, but, dare I say it, my bullshit detector is going off here.

Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

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