Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is Unix! I know this!

Hollywood sometimes stretches the limits of our credulity, whether it's programming a virus that is able to interface, and infect, seamlessly with never-before-seen alien computer systems a la Independence Day, or, as Weird Science assures us, a couple of kids scanning in pictures from Playboy and hooking their computer up to a Barbie doll while wearing bras on their heads would create Kelly LeBrock.

Here are some of the more egregious examples of unrealistic computers in the movies.

From Hackers (1995), our hero Zero Cool hacks into a local cable TV station to wrest control of the robotic videotape mechanism so he can watch the movies he wants to watch. Wackiness ensues.

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By the way, you know the (in)famous scene in Swordfish where Hugh Jackman writes code like a maniac? Yeah, not so much in real life. In it there's about 7 monitors and he is wailing on that keyboard at like 900 words a minute, but he never seems to have any typos.

Cheer up, Novice Programmer! Now you too can impress your friends with your 1337 coding sk1llz with Hacker Typer. Open up Hacker Typer and just start banging on those keys with abandon! Hell, do a faceplant into the keyboard or have your cat walk across the keys, it doesn't matter. Up on the screen it will begin to type in perfect code, free of logical and syntactical errors.

Here's me Hacker Typing with my elbow:

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