Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Li'l Homewreckers

What happens when you give kids thousands of stickers and turn them loose in a pristine, pure-white room? These pictures are from a beautiful interactive piece called The Obliteration Room by Yakoi Kusama at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Does anyone superannuated (ie. old) like me remember a Harvey Comic called Little Dot? She was obsessed with polka dots, and, uh, well, that was about the extent of her character development, I think.

To be honest, her mania over dots seemed to zoom right past obsession, waved goodbye to OCD in the rear-vew mirror and put the pedal to the metal on the express line to Crazytown. I would be interesting to read a psychiatric write-up on poor old Dot. Here are some of the zanier/ weirder/ WTF-ier covers I found.

While the screams of trapped children in the burning orphanage caused even the most grizzled firefighter to weep uncontrollably, Dot attempted to blend into the background by suddenly feigning interest in a bug on the store window.

Yeah, I'm sure Little Dot's parents were totally cool with their little Miss OCD making their home forever unsaleable by turning it  into a goddamn Jackson Pollock canvas.

Ha! It's funny because Little Dot is painting on polka dots with some mythical "polka-dot color" paint! That must be why they use variations of this gag on about 30% of their covers! Ha!

Issue #102, in which Little Dot falls in love with a lifeless, soulless, eyeless zombie.

Little Dot began her vandalism spree relatively early on. Later in life, when she came to work for her local organized crime unit, Dot a/k/a "The Postholer" used the same technique for body disposal in locales where there was not enough space to bury the victim in a supine position.

One can almost hear the fevered mutterings. "So hungry. Must eat... but... can't... until every food item has been polka-dotted in some fashion."


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