Tuesday, August 26, 2003

"Pop quiz, hotshot..."

Seems that six Brazilians were refused entry into Britain last Friday because they didn't know enough about the Beatles. No, really.

Arriving with a large group from Rio de Janero to visit Liverpool's Mathew Street Festival, which celebrates the lives of The Fab Four, these six were turned away because they couldn't provide correct answers to the immigration officials' Beatles quiz questions. From the article:

A spokesman for the Cavern Club Brazil, which organized the trip, said the group’s treatment had been “ridiculous and very upsetting.”

“They played songs and asked us to name them. They actually made people sing Beatles songs,” Fabiana Carvalho said. “Some of the young people don’t know that much about The Beatles — they are here to see the Brazilian bands, and to travel.”

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm flying to Topeka tomorrow and I really need to study the lyrics to "Dust In The Wind".

(submitted by Lou "She's Got a Tick In Her Eye" Campbell and Dave "The girl with colitis goes by" Postma)

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