Friday, August 01, 2003

You're welcome...

Since I'm one of the 8% keeping the rest of you guys in the evolutionary game, I'll take my thank-yous in the form of Best Buy or Barnes & Nobles gift certificates, please.

I'll leave it a mystery as to which trait I have, though some might find that very sinister. From the article:

Humans have evolved incredibly since the dawn of time -- and we have color-blind, bald, left-handed and homosexual men to thank.

San Francisco surgeon Dr. Leonard Shlain figures that 8 percent of all men are either color blind, bald, left-handed or gay. Therefore, those traits must benefit the entire race -- or they would have died out by now.

For instance, color blind men have an advantage while hunting because they're less fooled by camouflage and left-handed male soldiers have an advantage over right-handers when fighting mano-a-mano.

Dr. Shlain thinks homosexuality probably evolved in hunting tribes to ensure that there would be more men to hunt for the food but wouldn't produce hungry offspring.

However, the doc admits he has yet to figure out the need for baldness since hair protects the brain against overheating.

(via Electric Venom)

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