Friday, November 28, 2003

Pretzels, Microbes, Boogers, Nimrods, Fighting Artichokes and Gasbags

An incredible database of high school, college and pro sports team nicknames. Are they missing your old alma mater's? Let them know and they'll add it. (via a thread from SportsShooter) A much less exhaustive list can be found here, included only because it includes some more detail on the origins of some of the nicknames. Finally, a list of someone's Top Ten Mascots, the highlight being the great photo of the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slug.

PS. It's the Freeport (IL) Pretzels, Waterloo (IA) Microbes, Bonham (TX) Boogers, Watersmeet (MI) Nimrods, Scottsdale (AZ) Artichokes, and the Iola (MO) Gasbags

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