Thursday, January 13, 2005


Strange obsessions with:

Urinals - If you've been up nights tossing and turning, burning and yearning to know just what the urinals in the Los Angeles Zoo or in Creative Friends Quilt Shop (Hollister, CA) look like up close and personal-like, now you can rest easier, my obsessive-compulsive friend. shares your thirst for porcelainous urinary collection devices. Um, maybe that's not such a good metaphor, considering the subject matter. But they do have hundreds of pictures of nothin'. But. Urinals. Go figure.

666 - Eli Eshoh is a little overly interested in finding 666's. You know, The Number of the Beast. Also explorations into The Square Root of the Beast, Cube of the Beast, Fraction of the Beast, The Right Triangle of the Beast (no, really... stop giggling!), and how "Windows 95" turns into 666 after you, uh, you know, change it to "Windows 96". Or something. Plus how the end of the world is coming... in 1998.Plus oh-so-much more than you really want to know.

- Pictures of cats. Just pictures of cats. Cute cats, ugly cats, cats in funny hats, you get the idea. The first twenty or so pictures you're saying, "Awwww, look at the cute kitties!". This wears off as you view the next four hundred pictures of cats.

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