Monday, January 17, 2005

<insert town name here> Vice

Usually, I am happy to confine my content-lifting to the internet. Today, however I'm making an exception and hijacking an idea from a whole 'nother medium: print. This week's Time magazine has a little sidebar on magazines appealing the some of the sins of the flesh.

No, not those sins of the flesh. Actually, according to the article, with the readily available naughty pictures on the Web, the number of porn publications has dropped some 70% since 1997. Gee, I hope Larry Flynt has something he can fall back on...

Ultimate Hummers
-- No, I already told you! We're not talking about porn! -- explores the joy of owning behemoth gas-chugging Humvees. Nice music on their website, too. ("Move/Get out tha way, Get out tha way, Get out tha way/Move/*scream*)

Modern Drunkard Magazine has some of the coolest retro/pulp/classic artwork I've seen in ages.

All In covers the soon-to-collapse-under-its-own-hype poker craze.

For those who think of Botox as an essential food group, there's New Beauty, where the focus is on better living through plastic surgery. Hey John Woo, I'm seeing some good ideas for Face/Off 2 here!

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