Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day-By-Day Death

Between 1897-1901, the Antikamnia ("Opposed to pain") Chemical Company, of St. Louis, Missouri, manufacturers of various pharmaceuticals, produced calendars featuring "Skeleton Sketches" by artist-physician Louis Crucius.

In a bit of brilliant good fortune, we are in the midst of a sort of calendrical re-run, with the 1900 calendar being a day-for-day match with the 2007 calendar. What this means is that you can download and print off your very own "Year of The Skull", suitable for all your day planning needs, and mercifully, it also means you can finally deep-six that "365 Days of Garfield" one you got for Christmas from Cousin Stacy. After all there's only so many lasagna jokes one can stand per year, which is, I believe, somewhere between zero and one. (via BibliOdyssey, which explores the vast and fascinating world of biblio-arcana.)

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