Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

How to make "Instant Hot Ice" using sodium acetate (a common chemical compound readily available for purchase online) and water. This liquid turns into ice the moment it's touched. Actually, I can't tell if it's actually ice as in frozen H2O or just something that looks and acts like ice. Will it melt, for example? Is it safe to cool drinks with? Can some chemistry guru enlighten me, please? (via Spluch)

How does dry ice work?

1001 Things to do with Liquid Nitrogen (I am guessing a few?/a lot? of these are semi-unsafe and/or stupid to attempt, but I could be wrong. You go first.)

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scicoguy said...

What you have is super-saturated sodium acetate. It is not for human consumption. calling it HOT ICE is a good headline... it is not ice. The video is well done and fun to watch. Not much info science-wise.

captnkurt said...

Thanks, scicoguy. So I guess I'd better pull this stuff out of my gin & tonic then.