Monday, October 29, 2007


Has your hairline started looking "Pretty Vacant"? Has your scalp turned into the "Blank Generation"? Fear not, aging punk rockers! Mohawk toupees to the rescue!

As the ad says:
these hand made mohawks are designed to look perfectly realistic and stay that way all day and all night, using techniques from special FX film make up to bond to your head!
And for those who are actually still living the true punk credo, the manufacturer felt the need to include this caveat:
Each hawk lasts approx. 15 lengthy uses*

* Care Instructions are included with all Venom Hawks
15 Uses is an approximate life expectancy and will depend on how well you treat your Venom Hawk
If you set fire to it or throw up on it - your Venom Hawk will not last long

Glyph Jockey has created a brilliant collection of Punk Baseball Cards.

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