Monday, October 29, 2007

Pump(kin) It Up

How to make a Cylon Jack-o'-lantern, complete with the menacing side-to-side sweeping LED eye. (via Fanboy)

I get a little grossed out scooping out the slimy, cold innards for the three pumpkins we traditionally use to decorate the fabulous Info Nation Headquarters. Now Multiply the creep factor by roughly 1000 and you have The 3000 Jack-o'-lantern House. That's a looootta pumpkin guts to deal with...

You probably think 3000 is quite a few pumpkins to carve and light, right? It's not. After two unsuccessful attempts, Boston broke the world record in 2006 for the most Jack-o'-lanterns lit in one place. Boston Common was aglow with the light of the record-smashing 30,128 Jack-o'-lanterns; the previous world record was 28,952, set by Keene, N.H., in 2003. Link to a photo gallery of the event.

This 2,020-pound pumpkin pie is one of the many interesting entries at the Pumpkin Records Page.

Got no room or inclination to display a rotting vegetable in your home? Need to work on your mad carving skillz before you move onto the real deal? Or maybe you just can't be trusted with any tool sharper than a mouse... Whatever your reason, maybe you would rather just carve a virtual pumpkin.

Cage Match of the Week:
World's largest(?) pumpkin versus world's unluckiest bus. Neither one wins.

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