Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dude! Your great-grandma was hawt!

I've been really digging the wonderful photos at Shorpy, The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog, and though neither the blog nor most of the photos are exactly 100 years old, they're all pretty fascinating.

Here are a couple of great ones to get you started. Click on either the title or the photo to view in more detail.

They Are Blind To My Beauty
While the first thing that you notice might be the two winners in this bathing beauty-type contest from 1920, what really makes the photo is the priceless look of the girl on the far-right, who obviously disagrees with the judges' decision.

Little Fattie
A 1910 photo of a six-year-old newsboy in St. Louis, MO. I have a little guy about the same age and that expression means just one thing: trouble waiting to happen.

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