Saturday, January 03, 2009

101 Neat Binary Things

001: Are you the type of skinflint who cringes at the thought of paying retail for gifts? Are you, to mix fictional character holiday-based metaphors, a Grinch of Ebenezerian proportions? For the cheapskate who has to buy a gift for the geek in their life: the 12 cent perpetual calendar. What the hey... at that price, you could even afford to throw in a box of floppies.

As long as you're over there see also the Binary Birthday Candles. In fact, everything at Evil Mad Scientist is pretty nifty if you ask me.

010: Tired of the unwatched masses constantly asking you for the correct time? Get yourself one of these sweet binary watches. After a couple of "The time? Sure, it's 1011:110101!", you're pretty much guaranteed your geeky privacy.

011: Howtoons is a great comic and blog (though I wish it were updated a little more frequently) for kids showing how to do all kinds of science- and physics-based fun, including how to make a Spitball Version 2.0, a Marshmallow Shooter and many more. The Howtoon for using your fingers and toes to count with binary beyond 1,000 is no longer on the site (I think to encourage you to buy the Howtoons book), but it is available as a free PDF download at Instructables or by clicking the graphic above (registration required, sorry... it's a fairly painless process).

100: From the Not-As-Challenging-As-It-Sounds Dep't:
Binary Sudoku

101: The Binary Game. Fun binary game hosted by

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