Saturday, January 31, 2009

Come on and take a freeride

Some hikers prefer to enjoy mountain vistas in nothing but a pair of sensible walking boots. But naked hiking may soon become a costly hobby: A Swiss canton wants to saddle those hiking au naturel with a hefty fine of 200 Swiss Francs (about $170 US).

I do not want to know where he keeps his wallet. (via Information Junk)

Naked hiking, also known as freehiking or naked rambling is just one subset in the whole naturism (nudism) movement. Aside from the expected nude beaches and nudist camps, there is also nude snorkeling, nude diving, canuding (nude canoeing), and freeriding. Freeriding is the practice of nude bicycle riding.

Now I don't know about you, but speaking for myself, even fully clothed my narrow bike seat travels further north up my southbound parts than I care for. Doing it nude... well, let's just say that after a session of nude cycling, I could probably skip my annual colonoscopy and just send my doctor the seat off the old Schwinn.

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Janet said...

did you inform Driver of the "canuding"? it might bring up attendance for annual float!