Friday, February 13, 2009

Must... fight urge... to make a... "White Shadow"... reference

Awesome shadow puppets from Owly Shadow Puppets. We bought a couple of these from her for our boys last summer at an art festival and they are great. Laser-cut from really tough cardboard, these things just look super-cool, not to mention fun to play with.

I don't see any more of the retro-looking robot that we picked up, which is still my fave, but the Yeti and tooth fairy are pretty sweet.

Surprising graffiti. Click to see the punchline. Brilliant.

A similar play of light and shadow can be found in the sculptures of Shigeo Fukuda, who could weld together a seeming jumble of 848 forks, knives and spoons and make a perfect motorcycle. More of his amazing work can be found here and here. Sadly, Shigeo died January 11, 2009, after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Amazing shadow basketball. Why can't we have a TV show like this in the US?!

Can resist... no longer... Every episode of the 1978-81 TV series "White Shadow" (featuring fabulously-feathered hair on top of mushmouthed meathead Timothy Van Patten, a/k/a "Salami") can be streamed for free at IMDB. W00t!

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