Friday, August 14, 2009

Feed your face

Food Face Kid's Dinner Plates, which are appear to be based on the classic Wooly Willy toy of yesteryear. (via Boing Boing)

There's an online Flash version of Wooly Willy available, and it's about as much fun as I remember the toy being (ie. not that much after about 15 seconds), but hey, maybe that's just me being a grouch.

Here's my rendition of a unibrowed Sideshow Bob after attending a Hitler rally:

Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, high school geeks and nerds can now experience an even higher wedgie-per-day quotient with Handerpants!

Note to self: I wonder if I can market palmless Handerpants to the more, let's say "adventurous" crowd...

PS. Let me be clear: I absolutely do not want to know about skidmarks.

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