Monday, August 03, 2009

Words are flowing out just like the Grand Canyon

WORDIT is a pleasing freeform sort of Scrabble. Arrange the letters to form valid words, score higher points for longer words. Once you use all the letters you move on to the next round. Play in a timed or untimed mode.

Word Vine gives you several words that are connected in some way. Your job is to drag them from where they start over on the left to their logical spot on the vine. In this example, "light" connects to each of the others to form "limelight", "light switch", "traffic light" and "lightweight". The faster you solve the puzzle, the more points you score.

There are various difficulty levels, and that one was in the beginner level, as you can probably guess. They get considerably harder as you move up, though. Below is a screenshot from one of the harder puzzles:

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