Thursday, February 04, 2010

Chair-ios: Part of a balanced diet

French daredevil Henri Rochatin hangs over a precipice in the French Alps at a height of 12,486 feet while balancing in a chair that is balanced on two glasses on top of another chair that is balanced on four glasses. Got that? (via Damn Cool Pics)

I remember watching people do the plate-spinning act on variety shows when I was a kid. You don't see it performed much anymore, which is a real shame.

Here French comic juggler and plate-spinner extraordinaire David Burlet does what he does best, namely keeping ten plates spinning at the same time while also juggling plates, balancing boxes on his chin, flipping spoons into glasses and about 6 other things as well.

His act seems to be a variation on this performance by Erich Brenn on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969, right down to the "flub" during the first spoon-flipping attempt used to heighten the drama and make it look harder that it probably really was (for him at least).

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