Tuesday, March 02, 2010

OK, Go Watch This... Now

OK Go has given me yet another reason to love them (seriously guys, you had me at "treadmill").

Their latest video, "This Too Shall Pass", features a Rube Goldberg contraption operated by the members of the band. It was built by Synn Labs. Adam Sadowsky of Syyn Labs wrote:

When the rock band OK Go, famous for their viral videos including the spectacular and award winning "treadmills video", wanted to feature a 4-minute long Rube Goldberg Machine in an upcoming video, they tapped Syyn Labs to build it. The requirements were that it had to be interesting, not "overbuilt" or too technology-heavy, and easy to follow. The machine also had to be built on a shoestring budget, synchronize with beats and lyrics in the music and end on time over a 3.5 minute song, play a part of the song, and be filmed in one shot. To make things more challenging still, the space chosen was divided into two floors and the machine would use both.
(via Boing Boing)

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