Monday, August 23, 2010

You Got Me Floating

Two Fans, One Paper Airplane

Floating (Lit) Light Bulb
This movie demonstrates an implementation of wireless energy transfer, in combination with magnetic levitation. The result is a light bulb(20 Watt) floating in mid-air, while lit.

Ship Floating on Nothing

Magnetic Floating Bed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars.

I guess this is for real, though I'd never heard of it. TIME Magazine listed it as a Best Invention for 2006, so I guess it's an actual thing you could buy if you had the $1,000,000+ burning a hole in your (doubtless very huge) pockets.

The concept is you have very powerful magnets embedded in the floor, and the bottom side of the bed has magnets of the same polarity, which would repel each other. The bed is tethered in each of the four corners to prevent it from slamming up into the ceiling, and can withstand a load of 900kg, or the weight of about eleven persons.

According to the designer, the top of the bed is shielded from the magnetic force through various layers of plastics and other materials, and is safe not only for humans, but for laptops and other electronics as well. Uh-huh. You first.

Jape - Floating

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