Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Than Words

Notes on "Sweet Child O' Mine" as Delivered to Axl Rose by his Editor
She’s got a smile that, it seems to me—Why equivocate? You weaken your point by framing this as a mere personal observation instead of a fact.

Reminds me of childhood memories—Redundant. You either have a memory or you’re reminded of something. You’re not reminded of a memory. Heavy-metal fans won’t stand for such writing, my friend.

Classic rock lyrics obfuscated in verbose and scholarly language. Take the quiz

Grammar Rock I

Mr. Morton, one of the Schoolhouse Rock series covering grammar, this one having to do with subjects and predicates. I thought I had seen all these growing up, but this one must have escaped my notice (until today).

Grammar Rock II

A quick grammar lesson from The IT Crowd

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