Monday, September 20, 2004

This Is Your Life!/Is This Your Life?

What would you do if you found someone's digital media card from their camera left behind in your taxi? This guy has decided to post one photo a day (there's 227 photos spanning over a year) on his blog I Found Some Of Your Life. He doesn't know who the people in the pictures are, so he's taken some artistic license to provide a little backstory for the captions. Is it real? Or a hoax? If it's not a hoax, is it even legal? Either way, it's pretty entertaining... (via Slashdot)

More "found photos" with "Camera In The Woods". Guy finds digital camera in the woods, posts pics on internet. Very creepy, a la Blair Witch Project. General consensus is that these are fake.

Yet more found photos (with some really funny posted comments) at Spillway, which I discovered through one of the comments posted in the Slashdot story. I couldn't get all the Spillway pages to open, though. Perhaps you will have better luck.

Kinda reminds me of The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Watch a clip from their appearance in McEnroe's show. Is it me or does that dad in the band look like Chuckie from Rugrats?

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