Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where's the rest of me?


A fun quiz for you: Can you name the movie with the people missing? The link is to a downloadable Microsoft Excel file (under 1MB size) with the quiz embedded.

I've got 36 out of 72 so far. How 'bout you?

There's also a similar quiz where you have to name the band from looking at their photo. Same deal, it's an Excel spreadsheet (~3MB size) and if you get the right answer, it'll tell you. Fair warning: the music quiz seems to be a quite Brit-centric (the quiz came from a website) so it pays to be especially keen on Britpop. As an example of the degree of difficulty, I defy anyone from the left side of the Pond to identify this band:

They're not all that obscure, thankfully, but be ready for a challenge! If your musical history sense extends no further than boy bands from 1998 on, you're in for a world of hurt.

I located what are purported to be the correct answers for the music quiz (all 270 bands). It's available here if you just can't stand it anymore or if you want to cheat with abandon.

For the record, I got about 100 on the music quiz. My score was actually higher, but about 10 or so were from shoulder-surfers behind me shouting out answers.

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