Monday, September 26, 2005

Wait for it...

Doomsday predictions, then, now and in the future. For some reason, most of 'em appear to have been wrong. Go figure. (via J-Walk)

Personally, I really hope the one that predicts the EOTW (End Of The World) on November 11, 2005 is off-base. That's the weekend I was planning to take the family up to Great Wolf Lodge water park, and there's nothing ruins a vacation like an apocolypse.

InfoNation reader poll:

I ask you, which would you rather experience?

gwl     or     cometimpact2 ?

Sure, the planet-sized rock hurtling at thousands of miles per second into the ocean is gonna have a bigger splash factor, but there's that whole extinguishing of all life on Earth thing...

PS. The sharp minds over at are keeping on top of this Doomsday argle-bargle as well.

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