Monday, May 10, 2010

See You Next Wednesday, Right Here In The Trunk

Apparently Tarantino likes the Inside-The-Trunk point of view shot quite a bit. The Blogger software is being a bit obstinate and I'm feeling a bit dense as I can't get the pic to display in full size. Click it to enlargify.
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John Landis has directed any number of 70s and 80s movie classics (Kentucky Fried Movie, Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf In London to name but a few). Landis has several recurring motifs he includes in many, though not all, of his movies. In-the-know moviegoers look for these little Easter Eggs that more often than not appear in his films.

See You Next Wednesday
Landis' most well-known running gag is a reference to See You Next Wednesday, which is usually in the form of a fictional film mentioned within the actual movie. The See You Next Wednesday blog lists at least 14 John Landis films that reference it.

A surprising number of other recurring motifs make it into his films, including references to King Kong, Oldsmobiles, cameos of other directors and others as well. A more complete listing here.

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