Sunday, May 02, 2010

Would you buy a used mobile home from this man?

I Love Local Commercials is run by a couple of guys named Rhett and Link. From their FAQ:
It's simple, you nominate a local business that you think is worthy of attention and, if it's one of the more inspiring entries, we'll help them get that attention. We'll do whatever it takes (funny songs, crazy antics, perhaps even some amateur pyrotechnics) to make the best local commercial on whichever side of the Mississippi you happen to reside.

The end results are hilarious commercials that may look and sound like SNL parodies, but they are the real deal. Here are a couple of examples. More can be found at

These guys sell mobile homes. This is their commercial. Watch it. Or don't. Won't hurt them none... (via J-Walk)

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1 comment:

Janet said...

did he really say "free parking in the rear"?????