Monday, May 03, 2010

A whole lotta awesome

Thanks to Neat New Stuff on the Net, I just discovered 1000 Awesome Things (how did I miss it?) and am going through some entries from the past two years with a big stupid grin on my mug.
1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched June, 2008 and updated every weekday. April 2010 saw the release of the 400-page hardcover, The Book of Awesome.

Some recent ones that made me say, "Yeah! That is awesome!":

#519 Glue Movies
Glue Movies are movies that you can't stop watching anytime you stumble across them on TV. For Mrs. Captnkurt, I would venture to say it may well be Overboard, a goofy rom-com from 1987 starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I guess you can put me down for My Cousin Vinnie.

#558 Getting a stuck ball out of somewhere by using another ball

No further explanation necessary. It's just cool.

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