Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Lunch Cubed

I remember a couple of lunchboxes from my childhood. For a while I had a Six Million Dollar Man one for a while, and a Peanuts one before that. Pretty tame and kinda lame. Lunchboxes are a lot cooler now. Don't believe it? Go to lunchboxes.com. Yeah, they have the standard Power Rangers/ Dora The Explorer thing, but there's also the suitcase lunchbox, Evil Dead lunchbox, Iron Maiden lunchbox, Too Much Coffee Man lunchbox, and my personal fave, the Chinese takeout lunchbox.

More lunchbox fun at Archie McPhee, where you can lunch with cockroaches, Fabulous Fifties Food, and the Jolly Roger.

You know your little girl is growing up when she trades her Care Bears box in for The Sex Pistols...

(lunchboxes.com link via Pop Culture Junk Mail)

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