Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Her art doesn't make a statement. It is a statement.

Quick test to see if you're a left-brained or a right-brained person:

Kate Bingaman, creator of Obsessive Consumption, has six credit cards she pays on every month. And each month, until she has paid them off, she will be posting a drawing of each statement.

If you had any of the following responses, congratulations! You're a left-brainer!

"That's about the stupidest thing I've seen all day!"
"Isn't she worried about identity theft?"
"Why in God's name is she making only the minimum payments?"

If you had any of the following responses, congratulations! You're a right-brainer!

"That's about the greatest thing I've seen all day!"
"Isn't she worried that other people will copy her idea?"
"Thank God she's only making minimum payments! This way I can enjoy these every month for the next 50 years!"

Also mentioned on the site, knuckleheads/dipsticks/insert favorite pejorative here who are eBaying their forehead as advertising space. Might as well... seems to be lots of unused space up there anyway. As a point of civic pride, I'd like to especially call attention to this gem from my hometown who just leased his forehead. For three months. For $5.50. Or about a quarter of a cent an hour for the next 90 days. There's not many career opportunities out there that are dwarfed by earning a dime an hour stamping license plates in The Big House, but Our Boy has managed to find one...

Oh, and if you do bother to read Doofus McForehead's page, please note that Grand Rapids, MI may have had "a population of 19,900 as of the 200 census", but the town has grown considerably in the 1,800 years since then.

(via Lifehacker)

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