Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Huck 'n' Buck! WTF?!

First let me rant that Flickr is not working for me today. I can upload pics, but it is not letting me see the URL of the uploaded photos. So until that's fixed, Information Nation will be kickin' it Old Skool, with text only.
Okay, figured out the Flickr thing... seems they have changed their layout around a bit.

It's a little hard to describe The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck. In the old days, it was the "classic football pose" you'd find on all the football trading cards. Football in the crook of one arm, opposite leg raised high and other arm extended for a block. When it's done right, it looks kinda cool. But when it's done wrong... That's where it gets funny.

Here's the way The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck should look

and here's how it shouldn't look

Maybe the easiest thing for you to do is to see it in all its glory. Further old-timey pigskin humiliation can be found here and here.

(via Cardhouse)

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