Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pass the pruno, hold the seagull

As nasty as prison-made wine a/k/a/ "pruno" sounds, and Eric Gillin does a bang-up job with a 1,700+ word how-to on making your own batch out of fruit, sugar and ketchup (no prunes, surprisingly), this 15-word recipe for making the Eskimo delicacy called Seagull Wine blows pruno right outta the water.

Are you ready?

Here's how to make Seagull Wine:

1. Put a seagull in a bottle.
2. Fill with water.
3. Let it ferment in the sun.

Yes. A seagull. A. Dead. Seagull. In a bottle. And left in the sun. Uh-huh. No, I don't think I want to supersize my order, thanks...

More goodies, like Glogg, Ammonia Coke and Cynar (a bitter liquer made from... artichokes) can be found at, and this is just on the Drinks page. Bugs is a guaranteed gross-out, and I bet you didn't even know that dirt was a food group.

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