Friday, March 18, 2005

Saving the world

Read the strange and sad story of the Collyer Brothers, perhaps the ultimate packrats.

Another version of the Collyer Brothers story, with a little more explanation on why they lived like they did. Perhaps not surprisingly, these guys are selling a book called Disposophobia: The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff. Truly incredible pics of homes with a "severe clutter problem" here, here and here.

Why do people hoard? Visitors to one website share their reasons.

Has anyone heard of or seen the documentary Packrat? The presskit says:
Filmmaker Kris Britt Montag traces her family’s struggle to deal with “Packratting.” Kris chronicles her father’s life and the development of the problem, which may be a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Personal and informational, “Packrat” looks at what it’s like to grow up with hoarding as an issue.

The Packrat's Guide to a Happy Home by Hilary Emmons, who is alright with having what she calls "a stuff problem".

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