Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This is the end, my friend...

At least according to one USA Today columnist, the Best Movie Endings Ever (and the worst).

Readers of vote for their most idiotic surprise-twist movie endings. (via J-Walk)

I've been trying to find a general collection of alternate movie endings online, but have been having no success. I guess this will have to make do: gives away the endings of hundreds of movies (but just the final cut, with no mention of alternate endings).

The original ending for "Clerks" had Dante shot to death in a botched robbery. (Quicktime)

In "Little Shop of Horrors", the movie originally ended with Seymour and Audrey being eaten by the plant, but preview audience's negative reaction encouraged Oz to shoot a new ending.

Some Hollywood film endings that didn't make the grade.

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