Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gorgyles and Psychlics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest video making the rounds on Teh Internets is the complete meltdown of the self-proclaimed "God Warrior" on the Fox reality TV show Trading Spouses.

Some enterprising soul has fashioned a talking bobblehead doll of this woman and are auctioning it off right now on eBay. Current bid as of this posting is somewhere north of $650. When you visit the eBay site, turn your speakers up, for they have also included a God Warrior remix, no charge.

I never saw the show (nor am I inclined to), but... watching the video, it does indeed sound like she's saying "Gorgyles" instead of "Gargoyles" and "Psychlics" instead of "Psychics".

(via Mookie)

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