Thursday, November 03, 2005

How tacky can you get?

Ripped from today's headlines:
Man Sues Home Depot After Getting Superglued to Toilet Seat

From headlines of the recent past:
Thai Monk Mistakes Superglue for Eye Drops
Thai Man Commits Suicide by Supergluing Mouth and Nose Shut

Which begs the question, what is it about Thailand and Superglue?? By the way, below that suicide story there's a rather overheated and pointless (but funny) flame war between some of site's members on whether Superglue is toxic. Well, it certainly was for the gentleman in question...

Q&A Time:
How does Superglue work, anyway?
And how do you remove it?
Why doesn't Superglue stick to the inside of its tube?
Was Super Glue invented to seal battle wounds in Vietnam?


"Rubber Cushion: To John Bloor, who mistook a tube of Superglue for his hemorrhoid cream and glued his buttocks together." and other Superglue urban legends.

Apparently scientists have discovered how mussels make their own Superglue.

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